Experts from 10 countries discussed the future of PR, its role in business and its impact on business results in the context of the global digital transformation after COVID-19.

The Global-10 PR Summit 2020 brought together representatives of the global communication industry to find effective practices for its development in the post-COVID era and the rapid digital transformation provoked by the pandemic.

Leading communications experts — heads of communications companies from China, India, the United States of America, Canada, Brazil, Great Britain, Germany, Italy, France and Russia — took part in the discussion.

The Global-10 PR Summit's primary purpose was to discuss not the results of the year but plans. During the open event, they shared their own experience of using the latest digital tools for solving PR problems, as well as examples from the practice of leading players in world markets.

"We turned to the most advanced examples in Russia and abroad in the field of how companies are using digital solutions for PR needs. It is the use of voice assistants and neural networks based on artificial intelligence technologies for data analysis and assessment of reputation," says Oleg Poletaev from the Russian Public Relations Association.

"It is cases of successful use of online sociology and instant polls, work with big data and much more," adds Poletaev.

"As a result of the discussion, we identified important trends and segmented the key PR functions into two dimensions. These were:
  • which of our tasks and functions need to be 'digitised' soon to preserve our industry identity and increase the efficiency of our activities both for ourselves and for the business results of our clients, and
  • which should be done for the same purpose, leave it in analog form?"

cocnludes senior partner of iMARS Communications Elena Groznaya.

The live stream recording of the event is available here.

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