After running a social media donation drive, the agency had asked their followers to 'Like' a specific post showcasing a unique sketch one of their staff members created for the SPCA. 

The agency used the number of 'Likes' received on the post to represent the number of animal food products they would purchase, along with the money the company would have spent on client gifts.

Head of conceptual creative Meagan Viljoen says that, as creatives, they were often searching for outlets to do something that was true to their core values as individuals but more importantly to do something for a cause that was close to their hearts.

"It's important that we recognise the consistent hard work that goes into giving these animals food and shelter throughout the year and especially over the festive period," says Viljoen. "For us, we have our ups and downs at work, like everyone else out there, but I think it must be particularly challenging for the team at the SPCA."

Kloof and Highway manager Barbara Patrick says that there were several challenges they faced, especially over the festive season with Christmas and New Year's festivities happening.

"Sadly, the COVID-19 lockdown had a devastating effect on us as we weren't able to do any fundraising in the form of events or open any of our second-hand shops. Our donations were also at an all-time low as people had to make difficult financial decisions throughout this year," says Patrick.

She says that they usually experience an increase in unwanted and abandoned animals, as well as an increase in stray animals over the festive period. They, therefore, encourage all responsible pet owners to ensure their animals have proper identification in the form of a microchip or a tag.

Patrick also recommended that pet owners make the necessary arrangements for their pets' care if they were going away through arranging kenneling or to ensure their pet-sitters have all the information needed should there be an emergency.

"We also ask that if a member of the public finds a stray animal, that they take it to their closest SPCA for safekeeping as this will be the first place an owner will look for their beloved pet," Patrick says.

"We would not have made it without the support and donations, and we, as well as the animals, cannot thank you enough," concludes Patrick.

The agency has encouraged anyone who would like to lend a helping hand to the SPCA to contact them on 031 764 1212.

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