Lewis Blackwell, CEO of Cresta, says, "We're delighted to be able to present this competition for young creatives to show their passion and talent around such a vital issue as tackling climate change."

"Communication skills and creativity has a vital part to play in challenging climate change inertia and deliberate inactivism in societies around the world. We all have a part — a responsibility — to take on what is probably the biggest challenge humanity has ever faced," adds Blackwell.

The awards have indicated that more details will be released on the jury, a mix of leading creatives and environmental experts, along with other partners. 

Blackwell adds that the brief is simple: "Present ideas, within or for any media, that can be used to mobilise climate change action and fight the inactivism."

The entry site offers separate cash prizes for young creatives under 26 or for students in full-time education. It is open for submissions with a closing date on Tuesday, 29 March.

Alan Page, president of Cresta, adds, "If you want to enter, or would like to partner or otherwise engage with this project, please do get in touch. The creative industry has a potentially huge part to play in helping the fight against climate change."

"Frankly, we have not seen enough involvement yet from our industry but it must come. There is both an ethical and creative need to engage. And the Cresta Climate Challenge gives the younger generation of creatives a chance to drive hard to be at the forefront of that change," concludes Page. 

For more information, visit www.cresta-awards.com. You can also follow the Cresta Awards on Facebook or on Twitter.