Due to the response received from the previous campaign, Converse South Africa will be giving away R2-million towards relieving student debt, under the new campaign name.

The brand says, "Youth development is extremely important, as we need to optimise youth developmental progress. We enable students to flourish in their respective educational journeys without the fear of poverty stopping them."  

Converse has also aimed to guide students towards their goals by providing mentorship by experts who have already overcome the very same hardships.

Converse says that it has a community of 'All Stars' who has been taken under the brand's wing and given opportunities to be part of skill-building workshops and mentorship talks with experts in their industries.

Converse has enabled the 'All Stars' to be part of mural creations around South Africa and has created global opportunities for the youth.

In addition to the R2-million pledge, Converse will also be giving an additional R500 000 to creatives in the next generation.

The campaign will be supported by:
  • digital
  • PR
  • influencers
  • ambassadors
  • billboards
  • radio
  • retail executions, and
  • social media.
Individuals are encouraged to visit ConverseCreateNext.co.za to submit their nomination form.

The campaign will run from Tuesday, 22 November 2021 and close on Monday, 31 January. Winners will be announced by Monday, 28 February.

For more information, visit www.converse.co.za. You can also follow Converse on Facebook, Twitter or on Instagram.