According to the partners, this campaign aims to orchestrate blanket, clothing and food donation drives for the underprivileged in major cities in North India.

This collaborative effort echoes Go Spiritual India's ongoing commitment to fostering warmth and care since the inception of its blanket donation campaign in 2017, says the organisation.

The primary objective of this campaign is to raise awareness about the harsh reality faced by the homeless and destitute during the winter while inspiring individuals to contribute blankets, clothing or food either directly or through Go Spiritual India's facilitation.

Approach Communications has taken charge of managing PR, digital outreach and communications for this cause, while Approach Entertainment is involved in:
  • producing impactful videos
  • engaging celebrities and influencers
  • organising events, and
  • associated activities to mobilise support.

According to the organisation, Go Spiritual India is dedicated to various causes, such as:
  • philanthropy
  • spiritual awareness
  • mental health
  • wellness, and
  • social causes.

For the past five years, the organisation has been actively involved in combating hunger through food donation programmes, Go Spiritual India says. 

Future ventures include the launch of the Go Spiritual India digital magazine, soon to be followed by a print magazine and a dedicated TV platform. The organisation says it strongly believes that spiritual growth intertwines with selfless charity.

The appeal from Go Spiritual India reaches out to all individuals, urging them to step forward and contribute blankets or collaborate in donating to those in need during the biting cold months. Donations, be they in monetary terms, material goods or volunteering efforts, are encouraged and welcomed, says the organisation. 

Go Spiritual India encourages communities to take up this cause autonomously, advocating for local distribution of blankets to extend support to as many individuals as possible. The collaboration between Go Spiritual India, Approach Entertainment and Approach Communications underlines a joint commitment to alleviate the struggles of the less fortunate, say the partners. 

Sonu Tyagi, founder of Go Spiritual India, says, "Amidst the biting winter chill, our commitment to compassion and service remains unwavering. The blanket donation campaign stands not just as an initiative but as a testament to our collective responsibility toward the less fortunate."

"Together with Approach Entertainment and our dedicated volunteers, we aim to blanket North India with warmth and hope, touching lives and saving souls. Let us extend our hands, hearts and resources to make this winter a season of giving and healing for those in need," Tyagi adds.

Despite the absence of official nationwide records of winter-related deaths, data collected by NGOs reveals alarming numbers. In 2021, over 512 individuals reportedly lost their lives due to harsh winters in Delhi alone, with thousands more across the country. The estimated homeless population in India has surged to at least 26 crores in 2022, underscoring the dire situation, particularly in North India, according to Go Spiritual India.  

Go Spiritual India's campaign to distribute blankets serves as a lifeline for many vulnerable individuals, especially in regions where winter poses severe challenges, says the organisation. 

In 2023 the endeavour aims to extend its reach to cover all cities in North India, building upon previous efforts in:
  • Delhi
  • Jalandhar
  • Jaipur
  • Ghaziabad
  • Noida
  • Gurgaon
  • Chandigarh
  • Shimla, and
  • Ludhiana.

The volunteer team says it continues to inspire and motivate others to participate in this cause.

Initiated by Sonu Tyagi and powered by Approach Entertainment, Go Spiritual India remains dedicated to charitable and spiritual endeavors. Their efforts during the lockdown, providing free meals to the impoverished and their persistent drive to distribute blankets during harsh winters underline their commitment to serving humanity, the organisation concludes. 

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