With Valentine's Day being on 14 February, 13 February can sometimes be neglected. 

That is until now because we know 13 February is World Radio Day — and boy, are we celebrating this one! 

Radio can often get a little lost between all the social platforms and high-tech communication portals

That is why we decided to highlight radio as a powerful communication tool that PRs should never forget. 

Start listening because Alrika Möller from media update is turning the volume up when it comes to radio and PR. 

Reaching your audience

Most PRs think of super-modern platforms and channels when they are looking for a way to spread the news. Those platforms work quite well to reach younger audiences, but what about the older generations

You have to go where your audience lives to reach them. A lot of older people listen to the radio as a form of entertainment or to help them get through rush-hour traffic. 

Over the last few years, radio has had quite a boom, with 56.35 million people in the United Kingdom listening to the radio every week.

This makes radio stations the perfect broadcaster for your PR message if you want to get the word out there. 

Building trust

As a PR, you want people to trust your brand or client. With radio stations, people often feel like they have a relationship with the radio shows and presenters that they listen to regularly. 

Any PR campaign that broadcasts during that segment or show will then be trusted by the audience as well. 

When you have their trust, you know that they will listen to the message you are trying to convey. 

Radio is a powerful tool of communication — PRs should just be willing to take a chance on this classic

Are there any other PR communication tools you would like to explore? Let us know in the comment section below. 

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