The events took place on Saturday, 17 February in Diepsloot and Thursday, 22 February in Mfuleni. They marked a significant milestone in community development and stand as a testament to the power of collaboration between two like-minded organisations, says Afrika Tikkun. 

Both events brought together passionate speakers and dedicated individuals to commemorate the significance of this transformative space, Afrika Tikkun adds. 

Niels Meijer, CEO of the Cruyff Court Foundation, has provided a global perspective on the impact of Cruyff Courts worldwide, highlighting Cruyff Foundation founder Johan Cruyff's passionate advocacy for sport.

Meijer has expressed pride in carrying Cruyff's legacy forward through various initiatives across Africa, emphasising the foundation's commitment to fostering:
  • play
  • inclusion, and
  • community development.
Ambassador Guys Hiddnick has encapsulated the essence of the Ubuntu spirit, offering insights into the interconnectedness of humanity. Through the Cruyff Courts, they highlighted how communities worldwide can inspire and support each other, fostering a sense of unity and collaboration.

Afrika Tikkun Group CEO Onyi Nwaneri has underlined the pivotal role of the Cruyff Courts as a catalyst for positive change within the communities of Diepsloot and Mfuleni.

Highlighting the importance of sports and recreation in holistic development, Nwaneri underscored how these activities provide avenues for:
  • growth
  • leadership, and
  • a brighter future.
The Afrika Tikkun family has again expressed its heartfelt gratitude to the Cruyff Foundation and everyone who was involved in the landmark events.

"Together, we have created a space that not only celebrates sports but also empowers individuals and builds stronger, more connected communities," concludes Nwaneri.

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*Image courtesy of contributor