More and more brands are turning to AI to help them make sense of social networks.

And with the rapid evolution of technology, the social media industry has been quick to adapt to new developments. Marketers across various industries have begun incorporating these new technologies into their strategies.

Here are three AI technologies that are transforming the social media industry:

1. Image recognition

“To stay relevant as a marketer, you ought to use visual assets in marketing.” — Alice Berg, writer at Renderforest.

Visuals are regularly used by marketers to boost engagement. But how do you actually keep track of which images are performing best? Better yet, how do you know if your target audience will find your images appealing? This is where machine learning — a component of AI — comes in.

Unsure about what exactly machine learning is?

Recap: Machine learning is a process in which machines are fed data, and continually develop the algorithms they have been programmed with.
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These intelligent systems help you gather insights on user patterns by screening the millions of pictures that are posted on a daily basis on social media. Pretty cool, huh?

From the data (or pictures), the machine learning-powered software is able to tell you what your consumers are looking at the most, allowing you to alter your strategies and produce images that are relevant to them and worthy of posting.

2. Social intelligence platforms

“With brand trust at an all-time low, the use of social media influencers have reached an influx, with 84% of marketers incorporating these individuals into their strategies.” — media update.

Finding influencers that align with your brand isn’t easy, which is why many companies utilise social intelligence platforms to help them find the right ones.

How do these platforms work? Well, according to Continuon, they “use machine learning to offer segmentation to match brands with the right influencers in their networks.”

Basically, machine learning software screens both the brand and influencer data in order to see how well they match up.

Beyond just finding the right influencers, marketers also need to track the performance of the influencers’ campaigns. This is where AI influencer marketing comes in.

“AI influencer marketing systems can analyse various data from an influencer’s social media profile. This involves the application of Natural Language Processing (NLP) to evaluate every piece of content posted by them,” says Medium writer Shane Barker.

These NLP systems allow you to analyse the performance of influencers based on the language that they’ve used in their social posts as well as their ability to help you achieve your end goals.

3. Listening tools

“Social listening is the most widely understood and commonly used [tool] in social web marketing.” — Berg.

Many brands use social listening tools to gain insight into their campaigns and to manage their reputation.

These tools help brands decide whether or not their social marketing strategy has been rendered successful. It is also an effective way to keep track of what your target audience (or even other brands) are saying about you on social media – i.e., what is the sentiment of your brand? Positive, negative, neutral? Social listening provides you with this information.

How does it work?

Social listening extracts keywords that you input and then searches for and extracts these words from your chosen social media platform.

“The most effective listening tools offer marketers actionable data regarding their audience, influencers, competitors, industries, and communities to help them take advantage of the available opportunities. These tools also help to inform businesses of the kind of content to generate,” says Berg.

So whether you’re trying to find out what other companies are saying about your campaigns or what consumers are saying about your brand, social listening has made it easier for you to optimise your marketing strategy — with the insights gathered from these tools, that is.

How do you think AI has affected the way marketers use social media? Let us know in the comments section below.

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