Successful social media presence can be achieved when your content is unique and compelling. But how do you write social media posts for goods and services promotions? The opportunities are endless

Here are five ways how you can create or adjust your social media marketing strategy on social media and produce striking content:

1. Check content ideas that already convert to clients

Social media marketing has been here for a while, so there is a multitude of companies, bloggers and online shops online. They have made a way already and you can learn from them.

This is your chance to kill two birds with one stone: get inspired and check out the competitors' strategies. Get content ideas from popular blog posts, visual content and presentations.

Analyse their content and try to grasp the tactics used. This can be done by asking the following questions:
  • What types of content gather more 'Likes' and shares?
  • What makes customers more engaged?
  • What goes viral? (this might be video promotions, infographics, photo-shoots, guidelines or headlines)

2. Produce unique content

If you use someone else's text for inspiration, make sure that you avoid plagiarism. Remember that Google does not like unoriginal content. Always use a copyright checker before you submit your text.

Your task is to understand the essence, not just copy the work of another writer or marketer. Any successful piece of content can become a great source of inspiration for your own plan — if you use it wisely. Check niche-specific magazines, authoritative websites and blogs. 

3. Make your headlines eye-catching

While it is pretty obvious that successful social media posting starts with a compelling headline, this is worth mentioning. The problem is that social media is stuffed with content and your posts risk to go to the bottom of the sea.

Social media is full of ever-growing information, so a weak headline will make your post unnoticed. Your headline is a powerful tool that can help you overcome competition and grab the audience's attention. Devote enough time to your headlines, and the conversion will grow for sure.

As we have suggested in the previous point, you should start by checking existing headlines that have received attention, shares and 'Likes'. Use them as a basis for your own and make yours even better. You can additionally try these methods:
  • Check multiple viral headlines and see what common elements they share. 
  • Use strong words like 'effective', 'smart' and 'easy'.
  • Numbers increase engagement, so add them to your headlines when relevant.
  • Pay special attention to your headlines because they can decide the destiny of an entire piece that you produce.

4. Use the LIFT model for your marketing content

As marketing researches claim, users rarely read the entire text located on the page. When it comes to promotional material, they give it a quick look and read about 15-20% of it only.

This means that you need to format and optimise your content to make sure that readers get the idea. The LIFT model is a framework for landing pages, but it can be used for blogs and social media posts as well. LIFT includes six crucial writing elements that improve conversion, including:

1. Propose how your products can help customers. Describe the problem that your potential customers have and offer a solution. Demonstrate how your product can deal with the issue your customers currently have. Make it clear and straightforward. 

2. Offer limited time and content. Nobody wants to lose a valuable offer. People will react to your content if it has limitations in time and/or amount. While this is a pretty old technique, it is still effective.

3. Be relevant and give customers what they want to see. Stick to a topic and develop it. Your readers are looking for particular content, so don't trick them; provide exactly what they are looking for.

4. Provide clarity and formulate the offer clearly. To increase your conversion, you should use understandable language and clearly state your propositions. Also, make sure that all of the content marketing elements you use (logo, CTA, pictures, etc.) work together.

5. Create anxiety and increase their desire to buy. When writing a headline or an entire post, make your users anxious in a good way. For example, you can write headlines that are true but not obvious or even hard to believe. Your users won't be able to resist a desire to find out more.

6. Get rid of distractions. If your page contains too many offers, your customers will get confused and you will lose revenue. Remove links and options that are not necessary.

5. Write the way you talk

If you want to know how to write better, you should try writing in a conversational manner. If you don't believe that it works, then you have never tried it. Every time you experience writer's block and cannot start your post, just express thoughts and ideas that come to your head regarding the topic.

Imagine that you are talking to your friend and write as if you are having a dialogue with them. Express yourself and make your audience engaged. If you have no idea how to write the way you talk, record your voice. Use simple conversational tone, but don't neglect the rules of writing.