Instagram is like a showroom of images and videos, and the exhibitor with the best-of-the-best content gains followers, likes and engagement on their content. That’s why brands need to polish up their content before sharing it on Instagram. So apply those filters, crop out the unnecessary parts and edit your captions before you post!

Pew Research Center discovered that close to 35% of Instagram users visit the platform multiple times a day. Additionally, almost 60% of users admit to checking up their Instagram activity at least once a day. 

On a platform with this many active users, this gives you the opportunity to canvas your brand and possibly increase brand consumption. And with Instagram news features, your brand has the power to grow more successfully than ever before. 

Here are three reasons why your brand should be on Instagram:

1. Exclusive content attracts followers

You don’t have to hire a professional to create exclusive content for your brand  — just be creative with the resources you already have. 

Post original images and videos related to your brand; this will help differentiate your content from other brands and competitors.

Here are a few points to take into account to ensure your content is top-notch:
  • Share videos explaining insightful information about your brand.
  •  Before posting a picture or video,  ask for a second opinion. 
  • Scheme through your image for anything inappropriate that might have been captured in the background. 
  • Edit your videos and images to make them more attractive — without distorting them, of course. 
  • Avoid using stock images unless it serves a relevant purpose to your brand. 
  • Create a signature hashtag for your brand. 

2. Placing your brand on Instagram builds loyalty 

When you place your brand’s content on Instagram, you are compelled to communicate on a regular basis. So how do you go about this? You need to develop your brand’s voice, and once you have discovered it (be it formal or informal), be consistent with it. Your audience will adapt to it and will associate it with your brand. 

Audiences on Instagram are there for fun and engaging content, so it would help to use satire every now and then to show your brand’s casual side without compromising your audience’s interest in your brand. 

For example, you could post fun questions about your brand — an open-ended question, preferably —  to elicit engagement from audiences. 

Sometimes a  follower or a user who just came across your post might have a question about your content —  and the best advice is: respond in record time. Read the question to ensure that you understand what is being asked, and if you still don’t understand, ask the user to clarify.

Remember, a failure to respond to brand-related questions can result in a loss of followers and brand loyalty. So try to respond timeously.  

 3. Instagram is good for placing ads 

Instagram has a fast-growing, diverse community — and adding an Instagram advertising campaign to your strategy can boost your return on investment. 

The platform has influencers and brand promoters, which is convenient when you run an ad campaign on a small budget. This is way cheaper than traditional advertising! 

Here are a few tactics you can use to promote your brand on the platform: 
  • Use an influencer who has a good number of followers and who interacts well with their audience to promote your page or brand. Once you have found this gem, divert them to your Instagram account. 
  • Create images that promote and advertise your brand or product. 
  • Run competitions. For example, request followers to like and follow your page, and once they do, they could stand a chance to win a prize.
  • Use the Instagram Carousel ads feature, which allows brands to share at least 10 videos or images in one ad. This allows you to tell a story about your product or brand. 
What other ways can brands improve their presence on Instagram? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below.

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*Image courtesy of Vecteezy