'#SMWDurban' 2020 has also announced that the event will focus on the theme of 'HUMAN.X'.

According to the team behind the event, the Internet was founded on the promise of a 'digital utopia' that would enable marketers to deepen a connection with their audience and consumers, to understand them and to tailor opportunities that would enrich their lives. However, today they face an environment that promotes narcissism and divisiveness.

The event aims to change this through collaboration and going back to the fundamentals of what makes marketing a "force for good".

The 'HUMAN.X' event will lead a conversation about how to take a human-first and experience-driven approach to marketing. The conversation will comprise  three sub-themes, including:
  • 'Attention Revolution'
  • 'Empathy Economics', and
  • 'Privacy Matters'.
Additionally, the state of digital marketing will be explored through discussion topics including:
  • 'Storytelling — Creating with Intention'
  • 'The Rise of Influencer Marketing'
  • 'Monetisation'
  • 'The Evolution of Artificial Intelligence AI versus Humanity'
  • 'Youth Entrepreneurship and Social Media'
  • 'Government Communication and Social Media', and
  • 'The Future is Social Commerce (Community Builder or Destroyer)'.
Each session will aim to provide actionable takeaways that map business objectives including increasing brand awareness, growing and engaging audiences, acquiring customers and driving sales and tracking the competitive landscape.

In 2020, '#SMWDurban' has increased the number of masterclasses and opportunities to attend, while also offering an assortment of digital and in-real-life networking opportunities to generate ideas through communication.

The SMW Influencer Recognition Awards will take place on Friday, 19 June. The full schedule of events during the four-day conference is available online. Expected conference attendees include:
  • youths  
  • small businesses
  • digital marketers
  • brand strategists, and
  • government officials.
'#SMWDurban' attendees are encouraged to secure their passes before Thursday, 30 April and take advantage of the 50% discount on Webtickets/Pick n Pay Stores.

For more information, visit www.webmail.smwdurban.com. You can also follow '#SMWDurban' on Facebook, Twitter or on Instagram