“At amaSocial, we talk to each one of our clients and find out what exactly they want to achieve on social media. For example, a brand might be looking for an influencer that already loves their brand or maybe they want to reach a new target market,” says the team.

“Once we understand what the goals of a brand are, we will start taking a look at certain keywords, phrases and hashtags that the brand wants to make use of and track them online. This helps them see when people engage with their brand, which helps them see what type of content performs the best,” the team adds.

The content management tool allows brands to post content with those specific keywords, hashtags and phrases. amaSocial then populates the findings with the required data and provides the brand with the insights, including an engagement heatmap.

What is a heatmap?

This is a map that shows brands what time of the day they received the most engagement — from 12am all the way through to 11pm — meaning that if people engage most with a brand’s content at 2am, they’ll be able to see that. 

“The more coverage you receive at a particular time of day, the darker that section of the heatmap becomes, showing you exactly what times people engage with your content. For example, if the blocks at 11am and 2pm are the darkest, then these are the times when your content is performing the best,” says amaSocial.

So, what are the benefits of using this feature?

“Finding the absolute best times to post for your brand means you will reach optimal engagement. There is no use in spending hours on creating a great post for social media and then posting it at the wrong time,” the team says.

“It is also important to note that, with most businesses going digital, the amount of content on social media platforms are unbelievably high; therefore, posting at the wrong times may lead to your brand messages getting lost under all the other content,” amaSocial concludes.

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*Image courtesy of Pixabay