Whether it is because of good reasons or not so good reasons, everyone should take a moment to check out what people have to say on social media. 

In South Africa, it has been very busy on the social media avenues — from court cases and commissions of inquiry to workers being suspended for social media ‘Likes’.

So, let’s get right into the top trending social media news in SA: 


We start with self-proclaimed prophet Shepherd Bushiri who has not only been trending on social media for the past few days, but who has also made waves on mainstream news as well. 

In formal media reports, Daily Maverick reported that Bushiri and his wife Mary had their house, which was worth around R5-million, confiscated after they violated their bail conditions. 

Bushiri has made both South Africa and his home country Malawi trend on Twitter when social media users questioned the security relationship between the countries, this after Bushiri left the SA unnoticed by national security.  And among other questions, South African social media users went as far as questioning the authenticity of his work as a prophet. 

The #Bushiri saga also brought the minister of justice and correctional services, Ronald Lamola, and his office into disrepute, with journalists and social media users questioning their involvement in  Bushiri’s escape to Malawi. 


A video clip of workers at the state broadcaster, SABC, made waves on the social media front.. The video clip shows journalist Chriselda Lewis addressing her superiors about their clip to offload workers from the public broadcaster. Social media users and other media practitioners grabbed the opportunity to weigh in on the matter. 

Fast forward a little bit:  this then grabbed the attention of unions — such as Congress of the South African Workers Union and the Communication Workers Union and pressure groups in support of the SABC staff. This has led to the public broadcaster withdrawing retrenchment letters. 

However, the SABC staff is not entirely satisfied and have now taken to the streets in protest against their employer. The protests are to express their grievances and the alleged instability at the state broadcaster. 


Another trend that seems to be losing steam and public attention is the #ZondoCommission. However, former President  Jacob Zuma didn’t disappoint when he had it back on the social media streets in a buzz. Ready for this?

The former statesman pulled a disappearing stunt from the commission of inquiry into State Capture, which was applauded by some. But his supporters perceived it to be disrespectful by others. 

Zuma’s behaviour raised debates amongst social media users debating SA law. Legal experts were caught in the dilemma of trying to explain the difference between a commission and a court of law. It was lit! 

Clearly, things are far from over, as the former president has through his actions indicated that he won’t go down without a fight. 


In school news on social media, pupils were outshone by their parents and the Economic Freedom Fighters in a gathering that turned into a full on street fight rather than a peaceful protest. 

According to the Sunday Times, EFF members in the Western Cape took to the streets to protest against an unofficial private matric farewell ball, which was attended by white learners and a few teachers.

This event made waves on the social media trends map when the protest turned violent outside of the school, as parents physically took on the EFF supporters. 

The EFFhas returned again to the school — this time with the support of its senior members. 

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