It has come as no surprise that social media platforms have made their mark in the career space. And as they grow, so does the demand for the skilled professionals who can use them to achieve specific and desired outcomes. Fantastic!

Here, the team at amaSocial provides three lesser-known career paths that socially-savvy professionals can consider looking into:

1. Social media specialists

A social specialist is a professional that is able to bring their skill set, knowledge and experience about social media and apply their specialty in a different working environment. For example, in a digital marketing setting, this professional will be presented with a certain criteria that they need to meet from a social perspective.

This specialist would not only need to have the passion and thorough understanding for social media, but also the ability to turn digital marketing needs into instant, social media-driven solutions.

The role requires these professionals to work with other skilled individuals from a variety of areas — these might be strategists, creatives, managers and perhaps even the clients themselves. They will also find themselves planning, creating, tracking or even reporting back with other departments regarding their work.

All in all, the social media specialist interprets their client’s idea, presenting it accordingly in order to reach and resonate with the audiences specifically found on social media.

2. Social media analysts

These skilled individuals are less likely to engage with the actual content posted on the platforms, and more with the data that it provides after it has been published.

The analyst's job is to research the latest trends and tools used within the social media space. They are employed by a client to analyse and interpret their previous or existing data. The result is better identification of aspects that negatively and positively impact the brand’s success on their pages.

Holding lessons learnt from the past in one hand, and a thorough knowledge of potential upcoming trends in the other, these individuals are trusted to present strategies and guidance to clients that are looking to improve their presence on social media going forward.

3. Social media content creators

Content creators are the individuals that are behind the physical creation of digital content.

While the specialist will interpret the need and the analyst will suggest the best practices for the criteria set out by the client, the creator will take all of the requirements and culminate it into a final, tangible product.

From audio and video, to graphics and written copy, these arty individuals make the imaginary real. As contemporary storytellers, they are the ones getting their hands dirty with creating, editing and revelling in social media content.

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*Image courtesy of canva.