Most people start the new year enthusiastic about everything, with a long list of goals and resolutions that will help them make it the best year yet

Honestly, we love that for you! We love that so much that we decided to help

We know that you have healthy living and exercising goals covered, but have you set any social media goals for 2024?  

It's okay if you haven't; there is a lot to think about in the new year. 

So, take a deep breath and get your vision board ready; Alrika Möller from media update is here to help you set your 2024 social media goals! 

Why are we setting social media goals? 

We get it, okay! Part of the charm of social media is that you can post at the spur of the moment and have fun with it. It is not supposed to feel like schoolwork

With that being said, if you want to make a success or get the most out of your platforms, you might want to rethink your stance on social media goals

You probably have a reason for joining social media in the first place, and there is something you want to get out of it. Goals are the way to do that! 

How do you set social media goals? 

You start the goal-setting process by thinking about the big one. What is the overall objective you want to achieve? 

Are you hoping to become a professional influencer, or are you just hoping to up your follower count

Are you a business hoping to build a platform you can use for marketing, or are you someone who just wants to connect with people and share aspects of your life? 

All these goals are valid, and we support you 100%

Once you have your main goal, you can start breaking it down into smaller steps and sections. You do this by asking yourself what you need to achieve your goal and how you can get those things

This might sound vague, which is why I am going to explain. 

If your goal is to become an influencer, you need to have a high-follower account, and you need to build a brand

You do this by:
  • using the right hashtags so that more people can see your posts
  • creating a specific style and aesthetic that will make you memorable
  • utilising trends and popular sounds, and 
  • interacting and engaging with other people on social media.  

Those are your goals for the year! 

You can break them down even further to make it seem less daunting. It is entirely up to you. 

What should you keep in mind when setting your goals? 

Setting goals can be all fun and games, but they will be completely useless if you don't set parameters for yourself. Here's what to do:

Be realistic

If you just joined TikTok and Instagram this week, you are probably not going to be the next Addison Rae by this time next year. 

Choose goals that are well within your reach. If you want to have millions of followers eventually, then more power to you; but for 2024, let's be realistic about what is possible. 

This will also help you not get discouraged when you are not halfway by June. If you bite off more than you can chew, you will get sick of it quite quickly

Be specific and measurable

A goal is something you can work toward and chase. If your goal is not specific, then who's to say when you have reached it? 

If your goal is to up your followers then getting one extra follower can mean you have reached it (thanks, Mom)

Give yourself specifics in the form of numbers and dates.

A number is something you can work towards, and a date will tell you when you have to reach it. This will keep you going when the motivation is running low

Without a specific time frame, you can procrastinate forever and ever. Don't take the easy way out! 

We want you to reach all your goals in 2024, especially your social media goals. So keep this enthusiasm going; you got this! 

Now that you have set your social media goals, we want to help you reach them. Let us know what social media tips and advice you need in the comment section below. 

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